Friday, 3 February 2012

Slimming World

After reaching my heaviest of 11st 11lbs I decided my new years resolution was to loose weight but really do it properly this time after trying all sorts of things before.
Slimming World is really good, no calorie counting and you can literally eat what you want within reason!
Stuffing your face and loosing weight actually works, yes I was shocked too!

Heres how its gone so far each week:
1st- Lost 4lbs
2nd- Lost 3lbs
3rd- Gained 1lbs
and i have a weigh in tomorrow morning after ive been to pizza hut tonight OOPS! really hope i havent gained again. mom only pays me back my £5 a week membership if i loose somthing! Strapped for cash as it is. So humiliating putting on and the lady reading it out infornt of the group so i made a early dash last week and got an email saying she was worried about me which was nice. Ive still lost 1/2 stone in 3 weeks so im happy with that.
Ive joined the gym and go regulary although i should think about increasing it soon in order to achive a washboard flat stomach and genrally hot, smokin bod. I wish.

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