Saturday, 4 February 2012

Slimming World Week 4

I've been going for a month now and after loosing and putting on ive lost 4 1/2lbs in total which is better than nothing or puttin on more!

This week I've been abit naughty to be truthfull, went to Mcdonalds once and had a deli wrap which i thought was around 200cals and turned out to be 400! But they are amazing and they have salad on them!
I went to pizza hut yesturday and stuffed my face on 2 bowls of salad which was amazing really loved trying new dressings etc... and a 9inch pizza all to myself nom nom...

No surprise ive put on 1 1/2lbs and ive only been to the gym twice, naughty me.

Plan for this week. I need to loose somthing because ive cut into the half a stone that i lost and i haven't even told my mom yet she will be disapointed and I'm scared to tell her! I'm keeping a food diary and being really strict with weighing food and counting syns!

This week i found out that there are loadss of syns in special k so i refuse to eat it anymore. Also ive switched from previously drinking a whole bottle or rose and lemonade to half a bottle of vodka and diet lemonade which is around 15syns for the ammount i will drink tonight so im not having any syns all day and im going to hit the gym in a bit.

Praying for a loss next week!

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