Sunday, 5 February 2012

Gym & New Years Resolutions

Why oh why i promised my brother that i will defo go to the gym with him at 7.45am tomorrow is beyond me...

I'm still awake, its almost 12:15am and if i keep my promise the most sleep ill get is around 7 hours if i drop of right now, which is unlikely...

Ive spent all bloody night on the computer in my bed, no doubt im going to have a bad back tomorrow cuz of how ive been sat all evening.

It took me well over an hour to photograph and insert 10 items onto ebay today!

Mom and Dad are abit upset with me because I haven't done any work for my Uni Interview on Wednesday at Manchester and i said id do it tonight. I also haven't rang the malthouse :/

I wonder how much longer this snows gonna stick around its nice for like a day but just annoying how its hard to drive in so im too scared to go out after i had a skid on ice whilst on my way to work just after Christmas.

Ive written so many posts this weekend and it says no ones even viewed them. Oh dear. Ive started to make it more of a diary rather than just product reviews because its nice to look back on.

Ive also stuck to some of my new years resolutions....

1. Keep Room Tidy- Literally failed in the first week of jan. I sorted out all my art stuff and loads of clothes but need to hang up clothes after ive worn them!

2. Hoover Room Often- Ive actually stuck to this one, since having a wooden floor rather than carpet you can really see the dust and hair from where me and ruby have molted so ive been hoovering lots, proberly needs doing again in the next few days

3. Use Mouthwash Twice a day and floss ocasionally- Really happy ive stuck to this one really well, ive forgot on the odd ocasion but i always brush twice a day with an electric toothbrush. Ive noticed plac dosnt build up behind and inbetween my teeth since ive been using it and i have freasher breath and whiter teeth, WIN WIN! Which reminds me i need to re-arrange my dentist appointment!

4. Help with washing up- Ive helped more than i did before but i could proberly help more often

5. Join the gym- Done just need to go more!

6. Eat healthy- Joined Slimming world, love it tbh, its expensie so after my 12week countdown has ended im going to invest in a really good pair of scales and keep following it at home

7. Keep a diary- Bought a cool little diary from WHSmiths at the start of the year and its full everyday that has gone by. Its so great for remembering everything like birthdays and when im at work and general reminders and its nice to look back on

8. Don't waste money on clothes- Ive actually been reallyyyyy sensible i have bought a few items but tey are things that suit my figure rather than whats fashionable, not that the items arnt fashionable tho! Also i find it hard to part with big ammounts of money on one top or something and i love getting student discount. Which reminds me i should buy an NUS Card!

9. Don't spend alot of money when I'm out- Started going to cats earlier to avoid paying and only spending £3 on average on half a bottle of vodka + mixer and still get drunk with less syns!

10. Work out a way to save money for magaluf and not keep dipping into it- Worked out i cannot save money by putting it in my bank account because i know its there i spend it online shopping or when im desperate. Ive found i need to allow money for me to spend in the week so i dont keep taking out of what i should be saving so i have an envolope in my room, best idea got £75 saved atm

11. Get a tattoo- I don't know if ill actually do this. ive thought that ive always wanted one and hope to get one one day but its such a big decision deciding what i want to have marked on me for the rest of my life!

12. Stick at posting on this blog- Awww really hope i do this. Its been fun so far and i have lots of fabulous followers, more than i would expect for only having this blog 2 weeks or so... Its thanks to beth for showing me how to use twitter ive always found it so confusing before but not love it and go on it more than facebook! But more importantly thanks to Shay for showing me her blog, encouraging me to make a new one and intoducing me to #bbloggers... i proberly would only have like 1 follower if it wasn't for you lovely ladies.

P.S its 12.40am now! ive been writing this for ages! id better get some sleep.. less than 7 hours im gonna get now :( wahhh

Over and Out x

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