Monday, 6 February 2012

Today..Magaluf Tees.. taylors birthday 10points..

Its been quite a good day... i did end up goign to the gym with my brother at 8ish till 9 went on the arc trainer for 20mins whilst i watched cbeebies and then went on all the toning machines then went home. Its still snowing and its all slushy on the paths very hard to walk in!...

I then got home had a shower and wore this blazer than i never wear from zara. its ok but dosnt go with much. ive lost abit of weight recently so it fits around the arms again!

My eyes look blue but my hairs a mess and so is my room!

I bumped into my friend laura elliot on the bus who i havent seen since october halloween party and shes one of my best friends, how rediculous is that! anyway we had a lovely catch up and i miss her so much... hopefully hanging out with her more soon...

Then i had outdoor ed and had a good chat with neil ahah i have a 4 hour walk at 9am tomorrow morning which will be nice and cold in the snow :| then i have fashion last lesson and cba to take a spare pair of clothes so im gonna just go looking like a pikey. ive picked geometric shapes and animal imagery for my exam theme in fashion and textiles :) ill talk more about how thats going in another post. i then had 3d art last which went ok didnt get much work done just started my from cover! Break was funny today and i saw dan jones and kane regan had made a video taking the piss out of leslie and americk its so funny!

I went up town after col and paid £45 of magaluff off so weve all paid the same if katie and jess pay £75 tomorrow... i bought some wedges i will upload a photo tomorrow they are sooo nice! I also decieded that im going to try and go out all 14nights of magaluf and buy a personalised baggy rest saying if found please return to fiesta jungla which is our hotel haha..

Also talking to the girls about taylor mccormicks 18th celebrations... were going to gatecrasher on saturday 18th february and hedkandi are there! will be sooooo ace so excited. we kept saying things like 10 points if you be sick in someone elses clutch bag.. 10points if you keg someone on the dancefloor, 10 points if you come home with odd shoes, 10 points if you steal shoes off peoples feel and bring them home.. 10 points if you show the punany lady your twat so funny...

anyway im off! been a good night chatting to my friends and i had a nice chinese for tea! was naughty eating some chocolate tho! i got them from topshop they were gonna be a bday gift but decided id already spent enough on the person these were £4 for 5 chocolates! from topshop haah. i love the packaging so funny going to keep it caught me eating the chocolates and im supposed to be slimming... was awkward haha...

also wrote some notes for my manchester interview wednesday but need to do more still!
goodnightttttttttttttttt xxxxxx

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  1. Heyy! Never knew you had a blog. I like it! Keep up the work with A2's, it'll be worth it, a degree is way more fun! What are you planning on studying?