Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Eco Tools- Bamboo 6 piece brush set

I bought the eco-tools foundation brush a while back and id score it a 7/10, truth be told its not the best foundation brush around because it holds alot of foundation in it's brush which is wasted. Im not a massive fan of applying foundation with brushes anyway so it may just be me. However about 5 months ago I purchased an Estee Lauder foundation brush for £26 which was alot and i dont know why i did it... its better than the eco-tools brush and the lady on the Estee Lauder counter said she has one and it has lasted years... i used it for about a month but it goes abit naff after alot of use and the product builds up on the brush and the bristles get abit still so you are reccomended to wash them with shampoo and conditioner... but i havent got round to it becuase it takes ages to dry! I think foundation brushes are just not for me, ill stick to using my hands!
I went to Tesco the other day with my friend and saw this pack of 5 makeup applying utensils for £15... i thought this was a fairly good deal because they come with a nice little bag to put them in too and the brushes on there own are all £6+
My favourite brush out of the pack is the Blusher one. it is amazing. so soft on the skin and just the right shape. Prior to buying this brush i applied bronzer with this shaped brush...

This brush was nice to use with bronzing balls however ive been using it for about a year or so and its started to get abit matted and the bristles are not as soft as when i first bought it...
I use my eco-tools bronzer brush with BOURJOIS PARIS Bronzing Powder and it's the best makeup investment ive had in a longggg time.
Bronzer brush =9.5/10

Concealer brush... i like the shape of this brush and it looks the same as the foundation brush, just smaller, its really good, i love using a brush to apply concealer and i would give this an 8/10...
no higher because like the eco-tools foundation brush, it gets stiff really easy and needs to be washed atleast once a week to keep it in top condition.

Eyeshadow brush, i only use eyeshadow on nights out and have always used brushes like this in the past...

... they are no good for blending colours or getting an even layer of eyeshow across the lid. I really like this eco tools product and the bristles are really soft just like on the bronzer brush. The brush is also a great shape = 9/10

Eyebrow define brush... at the moment i use a light brown eyebrow pencil and it is my number 1 makeup bag essential becuase i have really light eyebrow hairs which you can hardly see! I won't leave the house without defining my eyebrows in some way. Ive had my eyebrows waxed and threaded before and prefered the threading method and i really need mine done soon! But having a nice shape to your eyebrows really helps when applying products to them. There is a brush shaped like this in the benefit Browzings pack...

... and im waiting till i have the right mind set to pay £22.50... however i will definately buy this to try soon and i think the slanted eco-tools brush will work nicely with a creamy textured product for the eyebrows rather than anything else....
I have used the brush when applying a poweder to my eyebrows but it was hard to get an even colour and natural effect

Lash and brow groomer... to be honest, i havent used a tool like this since i was in year 7.. and i dont find it much use unless i am applying lots of mascara for a night out and my eyelashes get stuck togeather, ive used it a few times and it does the job but it is just like any other cheaper brand alturnative. 9/10
I have used the brow groomer a few times, but i dont have very long hair on my eyebrows so they tend to be ok as they are. The bristles are very tough so good for the intended job 9/10

There it is my product review of the 6 piece eco-tools set.
I am happy with the set and the price that i paid for it however i wont be using the eyebrow or last/brow groomer much.
Other than that, i strongly recommend the Blush brush (that i use for bronzer too) the eyeshadow brush and the concealer brush is ok if your willing to wash it often.

Have you tried eco-tools products?
Are there any other brushes from the collection you would reccomend?
Has anyone used the eco-tools bronzer brush rather than the blush brush for applying bronzer?

Buy in most Tesco stores or online at http://www.ecotools.com/


  1. Can't wait to read about these. Been a possible investment for some time!



  2. I also have this set, and I love the powder brush but rest are pretty bad as I find them really hard. xx

  3. thanks for your comments! I'll finish this post now :) xxx