Monday, 23 January 2012

I hate packet hair dyes..

For years ive just kept on having more and more blonde highlights and after a while the colours used to build up and i had so many different shades of blonde it looked vile... so i used a packed dye... something i greatly regret... and my hair got really thin and didnt hold onto the colour and i carried on using packet dyes for about a year and then got fed up of having to pay £5 to dye it every 3 weeks because it kept fading, roots growing out or getting a horrible goldeny colour. Im natutally blonde but quite a dark blonde. After abusing my hair and being sick of packet dying it all the time i booked into KLF and had a full weave of a highlight which was a nice shade of blonde lighter than my natural and lowlights which is darker than my natural and really happy with it, this way i dont have to worry about my roots growing out for atleast 12 weeks and then i will only need a T-section or half head so very pleased :) Spent 3 hours in the hairdressers and had my hair blow dried- i dont usually but felt like treating myself :) x

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