Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Batiste Dry Shampoo- Tropical

I love using Batiste dry shampoo and would never change to a different brand.

Im currently using the Tropical coconut and exotic bottle and it smells gorgeous.

Dry shampoo is brilliant for times when your hair is looking abit flat or greesy and can make your hair look and feel fresh without having to wash it as often which strips natural oils out of your hair.

I only was my hair 3 times a week max and use this inbetweena and have found that my hair has become stronger and full of life. If i use lots of conditioner on it too often, i find my hair is flat and i cant do alot with it so this is a brilliant product.
I have taken travel sized bottles to festivals and on holiday in the past and it is definately a product every girl should have.

The popularity of Batiste products has expanded over the last few years offering different frangrances and products for different hair colours respectively.

You can buy Batiste dry shampoo from lots of shops now such as Tesco, superdrug and boots.

**It is currently on offer at bodycare!**

I personally love the tropical one because it smells really fresh. The can reads 'banish oil & boost body' and this is exactly what it does.

10/10, brilliant

Has anyone used sexy and glam gold shimmer?

Has anyone used the XXL volume one?


  1. My friend Camilla is a hair & make up artist and she swears by Batiste, the orange one in particular. I can't see why they're so different but according to her it HAS to be orange!

  2. I love Batiste, but I'm not keen on the tropical one! xxx