Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Night Update

To sum up.. this week has been really productive fot me in terms of reaching 35 followers and getting alot of my a level work done. I recieved my A2 exam questions for 3D and Fashion and I have 9 weeks to fill a sketchbook journey to then produce a 15hour final piece in both subjects. I also study a Level 3 BTEC in Outdoor Education which is supposed to be equivalent to 2 a levels. I loved college when i started then i hated it from April 2011 to December 2011 so basically only recently started enjoying it again... i like it now because i can actually meet up with my friends for lunch and not have to worry that ive done no work and try to get stuff done at lunchtimes... Got really close to Katie Lynch, Abbie Jones, Jess Marsh, Shay Mason, Izzy and Molly Brookes Jess Fenn Harley Brown and Beth Diss recently and would say there all my closest friends and ofcourse not forgetting Rosina Dixon who is practically family we have more of a sister relationship than friendship hard to explain but it works.

Aims for this week...
  • Get a weight loss at Slimming World
  • Remember Mom owes me £4.50 and £3 for sketchbooks!
  • Buy a HTC with a good, cheap contract
  • Buy some new PJ'S, sweatpants, slippers, pencil case from urban outfitters?
  • Find some bargains on ebay
  • Buy some wedged black boots not too high for college
  • Pick themes for my A2 Unit 4 exams, buy sketchbooks and start work
  • Ring the Malthouse or try get job at foresters
  • Go the gym atleast 3 times and swimming
  • Pay off some of my holiday to Magaluf
  • Have a night out
  • Buy a zumba game for wii
  • Have done lots of work on Unit 3 for Art + Fashion
  • Completed Neils Assignment in Outdoor Ed
  • University interview at Manchester Met for a Primary Education Degree on Wednesday so hope that goes well

I bought this as a naughty litte treat to self. I havent had cherryade in agessss. I have this on my side and have a few sips of heaven every now and again haha

Found this photo on my phone of my little cousin Jack looking gorgeous. This is from Christmas Day 2011

Yummy Salad that made 2 meals! And its all free and superfree on slimmingworld!
2 Boiled Eggs
Reduced fat salad dressing
45g Reduced Fat Cheese

p.s I was good not having a carvery or picking at work today. Lie... i ate 5 baby new potatoes and a slice of beef and turkey and then i made a pudding order wrong and it was caramel apple pie with icecream! my fav so i was a pig and gobbled it. I drank loads of water all day and was really good having branflakes, a banana and only veg and meat for tea. Im not at work on wednesday because im in manchester so i wont eat carvery then... and i didnt go out on saturday because it was snowing so didnt use syns on drinking alcohol! I might not go out this week and really try and get that weight loss that i want so much.. and save abit of dolla cuz theres so many things to pay for. I hope i make a fair bit on the 10 items ive listed on ebay tonight!
Goodnight my lovely followers if you even read this crap!

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