Friday, 3 February 2012

8 Wants

Seems as I literally have the blondest eyebrows ever I need a good creamy product like this in my life.

This is lush, from ASOS, love maroon and black togeather and anything highwaitsted.

Really want a top with a rib cage on, this is cool from Urban Outfitters i think, Would proberly wear a small black belt with this, ITS HOT.

Nick from New Girl to just hurry up and propose to me. Gorgeous.

More cool-ass clothes from Urban Outfitters!

Literally every coloured levi shorts please

A smoking figure and long sexy hair like this

The colours in her hair are gorgeous! Wish my hair would grow so I could do somthing cool and exciting like this. Loveee copper shades. Her outfit and necklaces are pretty cool too!



  1. I love the dress in the second picture and that amazing shirt from urban outfitters in the fifth picture. Great post, and blog!
    xx, Kels

  2. thanks for your comment. are you a follower? ill head straight over to your blog now lovely. xxx