Saturday, 4 February 2012

New Ebay Techniques!

I've been going on ebay for over a year now and had some things I'm happy with and others that have been a real dissapointment. You have to really read the descriptions and ask questions rather than think oh its cheap itll be fine. because those are the things that are filling up my wardrobe and I don't really like them...

Moreover I do watch alot of items but its not much use unless they are ending within a couple of days max, becauseeee you look forward to the time drawing to an end and the price goes up and up and you end up attatched to an item and wacking in a rediculous bid...

I bought some Chanel glasses once. a total impulse buy... paid £52.00 in the end + around £5 p+p and they were nice but what a waste of money. They didn't even come with a box and were wuite big so wouldn't fit in normal glasses case box's so i resorted to ebay to buy a channel box for £10.... i wore the glasses a few times but for that price I was scared to wear them, I dropped them one and nearly died. I don't think having expensive designer items is for me so I sold them on ebay for around £25 because they had a few scratches on them by the time id finished with them! I'm glad I got round to putting them on ebay and getting some money back for them because I would normally or put them to the back of my wardrobe or under my bed and draw out once a year or so... I also lost the case at V festival so that was a waste of money. The auction ended about a week after id first spotted them and i was attatched, i even kept looking at them on my phone and towards the last 10mins of bidding them raised from 25 to 45 pounds. I got scared and wacked in £55 and prayed I wouldnt win them because that was rediculous and ended up winning the bloody things didn't I.

Now I only buy Topshop or Urban Outfitters and a few other brands items because I know i will be able to sell them on and that they will be the right fit and reasonable quality... ive started typing in what i want and looking what is ending soonest to catch some real bargins. This tecnique works best! Also looking around and finding the item i want listed from 4 different sellers and deciding whoes is best in terms of use, pet free/smoke free home and p+p prices.... thats another thing, i bought a jack wills hoodie for christmas and it wasn't in the description that it was from a smokers home and it really did smell for atleast 5 washes!

I'm going to have a clear out and make some dolla soon. Waiting for a free listing weekend!

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