Saturday, 4 February 2012

Fat me pikz

I debated putting these online but it just proves to myself that I'm really glad that ive joined slimmgworld, the gym and stopped being a pig...

These photos are from October 2011!
I look so much better with extensions to make my hair thicker and i havent got them in on here. I also look vile because of my pale face and then fake tanned arms! Dosn't help when I'm sat to two gorgeous skinny girls!

This was at my friends 18th in September, id started growing out of all my clothes and found this shirt in a charity shop, how horrible is it! All the other girls have pretty dresses on and i look so horrible :(

Haha this is groseeee! Look at my shiny head and squinty eyes, thighs and arms look massive!

With another group of lovely ladies. Look how huge my grose arm is!

Heres me with my best friend who is size 6/8 ocassionaly a 10 cuz of her perky bootayy. We used to be able to share clothes but not now i got up to a size 12! Look at my double chin and my teeth look so yellow! Flat grose hair! Sorted this by brushing teeth with an electric brush, flossing and using mouthwash twice a day... and sorted hair by getting highlights to liven it up, a cut to get definition and extensions to add thickness and length.

Ohhh myyy gowddd this really did it for me.. LOOK AT MY HAIR! JUST LOOK AT IT! what im wearing dosnt help me feel nice!

Double chin again!

Look how huge i am compared to my friend Sophie! I'm so pale and shiny here look at the bloody size of my arm!

Wahh. Rant over. So glad i chose to make a change rather than put on and on and on!

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